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Fail of the Day

Classic Batmanning Fail. Please do not try this at home, without a camera on!

Male Nurse fight ends in Choke-Out!!

Yea, the guy in the purple shoulda kept his ass on that couch smoking his blunt. Watching those Everest commercials done got his ass choked out!

Jokes On You!

Ladies! Don’t get caught in the club in nothing like this!!

One of our Jokers sent this photo in of a girl in the club and we just had to show y’all how NOT to do it up in the club. Hahaha! Jokes On You!

photo and source Courtesy of mediatakeout.com

Duck & Weave, Keri!

Ms. Keri baby got snatched up onstage by a fanatical the other day. Her bodyguard thought it would be a good idea to try punching the guy in the head. She’s from Decatur though so she took it like a G. Ya gotta duck and use your weave Keri Baby!

Ellen gets Steve Harvey

King of Comedy and current Host of Family Feud Steve Harvey was on Ellen & starts popping about how his son tried to scare him awake while he was sleeping recently and how he bust him in the mouth. Well, Ellen had a guy pull his hole card. Y’all are gonna kill Steve you know he ain’t a spring chicken!
Dead @ Ellen: “That’s how you react if somebody scares you?”
He thought he’d go into his Halloween bit, she countered. It really kicks off around :52

Yea Steve, the news is.. It IS gonna be on Youtube! *Maury voice*

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